Mass production starting…

So the last weeks I have mostly written code. I now have a nice framework with a command parser that can do the basics.

Today, I felt I was ready to start building the remaining four legs so I can try out the full six-legged locomotion. That means that I will need to buy all of the parts so that will be rather expensive….

But today, I started with printing out 4 sets of legs and began the machining of the leg axles.

Here we have the 4 legs half-way done

My first attempt at machining a round bar from a square bar. Worked really well. I also learned how to use the motorized sideways motion of the cutter to get perfectly smooth finish. Soo smooth… 😀

And here are the four axels with all of the high-precision parts cut out. The low precision side and the screw holes are left for next time.