Mix and match

So lots of tiny pieces on the way now.

First up I realized that a Resperry Pi Zero W is super tiny and allows me to maintain an entire development environement onboard. As soon as it boots, it connects to the internet and I can ssh directly to it. If I install platformio and a console text editor then I can keep the entire development environment onboard.

Second, I have a complete set of breaker plates being printed.

And on the side, I fixed the toy excavator. The gas for the MAG was almost out, and I could not find the angle grinder to clear off all of the paint, so the result was horrible. Or maybe it is just that I really suck at welding…..

Fortunately, I found the angle grinder once I was done and could polish away the worst of the sins.

New power board

Time to add the full det of 6 legs, so i need a new board to mount the motor drivers.

I took the time to draw up a cleaner design and it is looking very promising. So far, I only wired up a single breaker, but all of the power rails are in place which should allow for massive power and clean wiring even when everything is connected.