Leg regulator finally in place

So I went to the makerspace today to make sure I could debug any driver electronics issues I might have had with the oscilloscope.

It turns out that I probably did not have any and the motor seems to kick in at about 1.5-1.7V which I think is OK. I get about the same values if I use a power cube as if I use the on-board driver so all is good.

I then went on to debug the regulators and finally I have the software needed to initialize and then start a movement cycle:

I then realize that I really don’t want this thing to start flailing about as soon as it boots. So I rewrote the code to add two-way serial communication and now I can control the state via remote. So it boots up nice and quiet. I can then ask it to slowly home all of the legs and set them to their starting position.

Only then, when all legs are in a good position and the robot is on a flat floor, I can tell it to sltart walking. Very nice 😀

Also, I built a better logger….