I still suck at welding…

So I decided to give welding one more go. Not because I have a project in mind, but simply because I was not in the mood for thinking about anything difficult.

Yeah, I can also procrastinate. Writing embedded code with full test coverage isn’t a walk in the park… or, it is. But programming the functionality I need isn’t.

So I took a square pipe, cut off three “rings” and then welded them back together with a plate as a bottom. How hard can it be?

Well, getting them to stick together isn’t much of a challenge, but making the resulting container water proof… now that is a whole different story.

What I can say is that the picture above is the second pass I did. First I welded all of the pieces. Then I used an angle grinder to smoothen out the welds and to be able ti see if I had missed anything.

I was quite confident filling it with water. And then all of the water simply dropped out. More than a dozen leaks. So I went over all welds a second time creating broad and solid welds. I fortunately that just made a small difference.

This thing still leaks a lot. And not just in the welds they look a bit iffy. It leaks from the ones they look solid too.

So yeah, I still suck at welding. 😀

More welding, and a new shirt

So today’s visit to the makerspace was more of an “I should get out of the house” rather than a part of the RHex project. First up, another quote on another shirt:

Then some more time in the welding room welding junk together. When practicing my spot welding, I realised that I could connect the dots, and that means I could write something. So I did:

That is all. Now time to go home 😀