Squared and inaugerated

First up, I felt that the acceleration I set before was probably not the maximum possible. So now we have 6000mm/min and a full 1000mm/s2 in acceleration. That is pretty stiff.

About an hour of work later, and both the vice and the fourth axis are mounted and squared.

One thing is not great, though. It seems the the Y axis bearing has somehow set and now has a full 0.1mm backlash. I guess that I will have to take it apart and fix that. Fortunately I realize I can do that without affecting the rest of the machine. But I still need to remove and reattach the ball screw. So not very happy about that.

So for now it has an official tolerance of about 0.1mm all included. So I felt I neede to actually do something with it.

So if you can see it, the Delrin piece has a big hole in it. It seems Fusion starts each program with a g53 move to z0. Now I had configured 0 to be at the bottom of the range. BAD IDEA. Had this been anything other than plastic, I would have been one endmill poorer right now.

But I did manage to fix one more thing as well. Now the Linux CNC accepts a tool in the G-code. So no more custom processors.

Et voilร !

So done I am and the Terco is ready for work. Kudos to Scott who helped me on the home stretch with the X motor box and the Z bellows.

Here it is. ๐Ÿ˜€

To make sure we get the most out of the new motors, I trimmed them as well. Six times higher max speed and significantly higher acceleration will really cut down on the milling times.

But then, who does 3 axis CNC these days? When we have an A axis just lying around. Some alignment later and we have that squared up as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

Not only did I get the machine up and running including the A axis. I also machined the firs part on it.

This is a small collet to fasten the leg joints I will be making as I will need to mill right up to the joint fastener and I need some space so I donโ€™t cut into the jaws.

Almost there….

I have to say that few tools are as satisfying as the angle grinder. Yeah, you know what I mean. ๐Ÿ˜€

So today the plan was to complete everything except the cover box for the X axis motor. And that is almost what happened. I give you the Terco with only the Z bellows and the x motor cover missing.

I had planned to use the Portal CNC to make fasteners for the bellows, but then I found an original piece in metal at the same time as the Portal CNC refused to start. So I made the pieces using sheet metal and the angle grinder. Quick, elegant and satisfying.

Next time, I will just continue and do the Z bellows using the same technique.

Also the X motor cover unless someone else does it.

And shorten the M6 screws they hold the inner Y bellows because they were too long.

Then the last configurations are just needed and then the machine is done.