The Lego dresser complete-ish

So the final stretch was just about putting it all together. The benefit of doing a proper model and then following it precisely is that the pieces actually fit together (Sometimes. :P).

First one drawer….

And then the rest of the drawers, and the Lego boxes. In actual use, the lids have to come off, of course. Otherwise you would have to pull out a drawer and open a lid to get to a piece, which you of course don’t want to have to do…

I also did the other one, but it looks exactly the same, so no reason to take a photo.

Now the dresser is actually mostly usable, and I will let the kids test to see if it works. However, to really be able to find pieces that are far in really quickly, I will have to install lighting. I am thinking about lining the back wall with downward facing LED strips. We will see…..